A Child Called It Chapter 5 - The Accident Summary

With school out for the summer David's fight for food became more difficult. Russell, his four or five year old brother, had become mother's "little Nazi," making sure he didn't steal food. Catherine threatened to kill David many times. One night while waving a knife around, she lost her balance and fell. The knife flew and it stabbed David in the stomach. David says she was a very capable nurse, and when he woke, she was dressing his wound. At this point he thought it was over. She could not lie to the hospital about this "accident," but she felt no remorse and did not even acknowledge what she had done. She never took him to the hospital. David's father was also controlled by Catherine, so when David told him mother just stabbed him, his father told him to go do the dishes so she wouldn't get angrier. Catherine actually became compassionate for a day. She allowed him outside with his brothers and put hers hands on his shoulders. Despite all she had done, David says he felt safer knowing his mother was near him that night. She took care of him, but in the morning he was covered with blood and she was back to her usual cold, unfeeling self. David's wound became infected, and this chapter ends with him cleaning the wound working through his agony. He refused to go to his mother for help. He was proud of himself afterward, and imagined he was Superman.

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