Accuracy vs. Precision

Accuracy vs. Precision

Accuracy (noun) is a high degree of correctness or exactness in performance or measurement; how close a measurement is to some 'true' value.

2. (adj.) [accurate]


1. "There is a great deal of accuracy in the scientific method."

2. "The thermometer wasn't accurate, so I changed the battery in it."

3. "The math teacher didn't care if our test answers were accurate; she wanted us to show our work as well."

Precision (noun) is a high degree of repeatability or reproducibility; how close a series of repeated measurements are to one another.


1. "The baker made multiple batches of cookies with such fine precision. Each cookie was the same color and size."

2. "A calculator has an inborn level of precision; you'll get the same answer every time."

*Tip/Hint: accuracy refers to one measurement, and precision refers to more than one.

Let's see both accuracy and precision used together in a sentence:

"The program was calibrated with both accuracy and precision."

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