Adsorption vs. Absorption

Adsorption vs. Absorption

Adsorption is a (noun) meaning the process by which molecules in a thin layer adhere to the surfaces of solids and liquids with which you come in contact.

An example of its usage would be:

1. "The adsorption of organic polymers onto particulates is a key component of the water purification process."

Absorption is also a (noun) meaning

1. the process by which one substance (solid, liquid, or gas) takes atoms or molecules into its bulk volume,

2. a route by which substances may enter the body, distinct from injection, ingestion, or inhalation,

3. mental concentration on a task to the exclusion of all else.

1. Meaning: (chemical or physical combination)-"The absorption of liquids by a household sponge has kept many a kitchen looking tidy."

2. Meaning: (substances entering the body)-"Doctors can now prescribe skin patches which deliver important medicines by absorption with no need for needles.."

3. Meaning: (mental concentration)-"My absorption in an online video game kept me awake until 3 AM."

*Hint/Tip: Adsorption refers to collecting on a [surface], while absorption indicates penetrating [inside] a substance.

Let's use both adsorption and absorption together in a sentence to observe their differences.

"Our experiment was intended to demonstrate absorption of particles of a solvent into a material; however, we only observed adsorption of the particles on the material's skin."

Circle the Correct Answer:

1. A bandage is designed to absorb / adsorb the blood from a wound.

2. Adsorption / absorption is an accretion process used to make dirt particles large enough to filter out of water..

3. I had to watch the professor's statistics lecture again on video as I could not absorb / adsorb all the information the first time.

Answers: absorb, adsorption, absorb

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