Advice vs. Advise

Advice vs. Advise

Advice and advise are like many other similar and confusing words in the English language. They are spelled similarly and have meanings that are close enough to cause confusion. Allow me to advise you as to their differences, and if you will heed my advice, your confusion will be abated.

Advice functions as a noun and refers to guidance or recommendations given to guide future actions.

1. I heeded my doctor's advice and went straight to the hospital.

2. My girlfriends always give me advice about how to deal with my boyfriend, but I am not sure it is always effective.

3. The coach's advice was to practice more before I tryout for the team.

4. Your advice really helped me in a tough situation-thank you!

Advise functions as a verb and refers to the act of giving advice-the act of giving information about or informing recommendations for future actions.

1. The President's military advisers regularly advise him as to the proper course of action related to the war against terrorism.

2. The guidance counselors spend most of their time advising students about which courses to take to graduate on time.

3. I advise against trying to ride your skateboard on the frozen pond-it's an accident waiting to happen!

4. I need someone to advise me on which dress to wear to the homecoming dance.

In summary, if you can remember that advice refers to the actual recommendations given and advise refers to the act of giving the recommendations, you will be all set!

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