Advice vs Advise

Advice vs Advise

Many students confuse the words, advice and advise, which sound slightly different and are used as different parts of speech. Advice is spoken with the "s" sound, and advise is spoken with the "z" sound.

Advice (noun)is a recommendation intended to guide action.

Let's study some example sentences:

1. "My sister gave me excellent dating advice." Explanation: A sister was given some tips on dating by her sister.

2. "Many people do not appreciate unsolicited advice." Explanation: Many people don't like advice being offered when it isn't asked for.

Advise (verb)is

1. the act of offering an opinion or recommendation (to give advice);
2. the act of notifying

Let's study some example sentences:

1. "A good guidance counselor will advise students on how to prepare for college." Explanation: a good counselor will tell students what they need to do to get into their favorite college.

2. "My mother said I ought to advise her of my summer plans before she schedules our family vacation." Explanation: The mother asked her daughter to notify her of her summer plans so that she doesn't schedule the family vacation at a conflicting time.

Let's use both advice and advise together in a sentence to fully understand the difference between them.

"Please advise me on which piece of advice to choose because I cannot decide on a course of action." Explanation: Someone is requesting that someone else tell them which recommendation they should follow because they're feeling indecisive (unable to make a decision).

Fill in the Blanks:

1. I asked my friend to give me some ___________ on what to wear to the dance.
a) advise   b) advice

2. My teacher _______ me to stop showing up late for school.
a) advised   b) advice

3. I don't need to be ________ on which path to follow. I will follow my own _________ and go my own way.
a) advice, advise   b) advised, advice

Answers: b, a, b

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