Climate vs. Weather

Climate vs. Weather

Climate (noun) is

1. a measure of average values and changes in temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, and other variables over a long period of time in a given geographical area

2. current attitudes or conditions.


1. "The climate has been experiencing undue changes, suggesting global warming."

2. "The political climate during a war is often very unsettled."

Weather (noun) is

1. the state of the atmosphere, including temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, and other variables, in a particular place at a particular time;

2. (verb) to be worn down by atmospheric conditions

3. to come safely through adverse physical or emotional conditions.


1. "The new fall season will bring delightful weather and fun experiences."

2. "Everyone learns to weather life's storms."

Let's take a look at climate and weather together in a sentence:

"If the house can weather this unfavorably cold and wet climate, it can surely withstand just about any climactic variation."

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