Cohesion vs. Adhesion

Cohesion vs. Adhesion

Cohesion is a (noun) meaning

1. a state of union or of sticking together

2. the property of molecules in a substance to be mutually attractive to each other.


1. "For a group assignment to become effective, there must be cohesion among its group members."

2. "The cohesion of various molecules in the unknown substance made it difficult for the lab to separate and identify."

Adhesion is a (noun) referring to the tendency of molecules in different substances to stick to each other, sometimes with a third substance acting as a bonding agent.

2. Adhesion describes the state of any substance that affix to one another.


1. "The adhesion between the magnet and the metal was too strong to separate."

2. "After surgery, the patient suffered adhesions between the internal organs and surgery site."

Together in a sentence:

"The cohesion between cells caused them to adhere together in clumps under the microscope."

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