Compliment vs. Complement

Compliment vs. Complement
A compliment(n)is
1. an expression of praise or admiration or
2. (n) an expression of respect or regard;(v)
3. to express praise or admiration or (v)
4. to show kindness or regard
Let's view a few examples of how compliment is used:

1. "I love receiving compliments from friends." Explanation: I like receive praise or admiration from others.

2. "It was a huge compliment to be asked to the President's Ball." Explanation: It was an expression of regard and respect to be invited to a special event.

3. "My mom always compliments my bus driver for driving safely." Explanation: A mother praises a bus driver for keeping kids safe.

4. The teacher complimented our special efforts by inviting us to lunch. Explanation: A teacher praised students' efforts by inviting them to a special event.

Complement (n)

1. refers to something that completes or makes perfect (n)
2. either of two parts needed to complete a whole;(v)
3. to complete or make whole

1. "Meatballs are the perfect complement to a good pasta dish." Explanation: Meatballs complete the dish or make it whole.

2. "They have a perfect marriage because the wife's humor is a balancing complement to her spouse's seriousness." Explanation: Humor and balance make this partnership whole.

3. "That new haircut complements the shape of your face well." Explanation: The hairstyle completes the person's image by complementing her face.

Let's use both compliment and complement together in a sentence and see how their differences are illustrated:

"I complimented my friend by telling her that her choice of a belt complemented her dress better than the broach." Explanation: It was a show of my praise and admiration to tell my friend that her choice of a belt completed her look better than that of a broach (pin).

Fill in the Blanks:

1. It is a ______________ when you tell someone, "Way to go!"
a) Complement   b) compliment

2. Many best friends ___________ each other well.
a) Complement   b) compliment

Answers: a, a

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