Continual vs. Continuous

Continual vs. Continuous

Continual and Continuous are words that are often confused. Let's look at the differences:

Continual (adjective) refers to something happening over period of time, very often, but with stops and starts (off and on).


1. "Our parents continually fight even though we tell them it is annoying." <-used as an adverb

2. "The continual rain throughout our vacation was really disappointing."

Continuous (adjective) refers to something happening and continuing to do so without stopping or ceasing.


1. "The continuous motion of the carousel made me nauseous."

2. "The strong wind made the pinwheel spin continuously."

*Hint/Tip: Continual things come and go, but continuous things are nonstop.

Circle the Correct Answer:

1. My math homework is a continual / continuous frustration of mine this year.

2. The continual / continuous gravitational forces of the earth keep our feet on the ground.

Answer: continual, continuous

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