Dwarf vs. Midget

Dwarf vs. Midget

*A dwarf (noun) refers to a person with particularly short stature and disproportionate extremities in relation to the torso, and this is due to a genetic or other pathological condition.

2. A dwarf may be a smaller than average plant or animal.

3. In folklore, a dwarf is a small man with magical powers.

*A midget (noun) is a smaller than average person with normal body proportions. A midget is someone just smaller, who can be viewed as a miniature replica or model of the average size.

Note: In everyday usage, the word "midget" lacks popularity over the preferred and socially-acceptable term, "Little Person."

*Hint/Tip: A dwarf and a midget both refer to smaller than average size, but a midget maintains the proportions of the original subject.

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