Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Efficiency (noun) is the ability to perform some task with minimal waste of time, space, or other resources.


1. "My efficiency at work was cause for my promotion."

2. "Efficiency is important when you have multiple tasks to complete within a short period of time."

Effectiveness (noun) is the ability to produce a desired outcome or result.

2. (adj.) [effective]


1. "My study skills are effective because I always receive an A on my tests."

2. "Before firing my co-worker, my boss offered him job effectiveness training."

Let's use both words together in a sentence:

"If you complete this task effectively, then you must make efficient use of your time."

Circle the Correct Answer:

1. Our teacher says we will finish our work more quickly if we are effective/efficient with our time.

2. During my 30 day review, my boss told me that I am efficient / effective in my current position at work.

Answers: efficient, effective

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