Ensure vs. Insure

Ensure vs. Insure
Ensure and insure are words that are often confused. Each has a different meaning. Let's take a look at their differences.


1. To secure
2. To make certain
3. To make safe

1. Ensure(verb) is the act of securing. Here is an example: "This ticket will ensure you a seat at the concert." Explanation: The ticket guarantees a seat in the audience at the concert.

2. Ensure(verb) is the act of making certain. Here is an example: "To ensure the students' understanding of the new math concept, the teacher gave them a pop quiz." Explanation: To make certain that the students grasp new concepts, they are being tested with a quiz.

3. Ensure (verb) is the act of making safe. Here is an example: "A chaperone will ensure your safety on the field trip." Explanation: A chaperone (parent in charge) will keep students safe on the school trip.


1. To guarantee against loss or harm
2. To issue or obtain an insurance policy

1. Insure (verb) means to guarantee against loss or harm. Here is an example: "The contents of the home are insured against loss." Explanation: If items are damaged or stolen, they will be replaced, or the owner will be compensated for their value.

2. Insure (verb) means to give or obtain an insurance policy. Here is an example: Insure your valuables by obtaining renter's or homeowner's insurance. Explanation: Buy a protection plan for your valuables.

Let's use both ensure and insure together in a sentence to demonstrate their different meanings:

"To ensure the value of your jewelry, you can insure them with a policy from a jeweler." Explanation: To secure the value of your jewelry, you can buy a policy from a jeweler that will protect you in the event of loss or harm.

Fill in the Blanks:

1. You must _______ that you've studied before you take the test.
a. insure b. ensure

2. _________ your stamp collection because it has become very valuable.
a. ensure b. insure

3. Please ________ that the host should expect you by accepting your invitation.
a. Insure b. ensure

Answers: b, b, b

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