Farther vs. Further

Farther vs. Further
Farther and Further are commonly confused words. Let's take a look at their differences.

Farther(adverb)[pertains to physical distance or length]

1. at or to a greater distance,
2. At or to a greater length;(adj.)
3. more distant than close

Let's look at a few examples:

1. (adv.) "I ran farther than I had expected to." Explanation: I ran at or to a greater distance.

2. (adv.) "The child's punishment was extended farther than he anticipated." Explanation: The grounding was issued for a greater term than the child had anticipated.

3. (adj.) "We met each other on the farther side of town." Explanation: We met each other at a greater distance vs. a closer one.

Further(adv.)[pertains to figurative distance]

1. At or to a more advanced point
2. to an extent
3. In addition or moreover (adj.)
4. More extended
5. Additional or more (verb)
6. To help forward, promote, or advance

1. (adv.) "I am further in my studies than my peers." Explanation: I am at a more advanced point in my studies.

2. (adv.)"The friends did not wish to discuss their argument further." Explanation: They did not want their argument to continue.

3. (adv.)"Further, we would not be hungry if we had eaten our lunch." Explanation: What's more is that they would continue feeling hunger if they skipped a meal.

4. (adj.)"Anticipate a further delay due to inclement weather." Explanation:Extended delays occur when there is unfavorable weather.

5. (adj.)"Further dates are not desired." Explanation:Additional dates are no longer wanted.

6. (verb)"A person can further his/her career by earning additional degrees." Explanation: Continuing education will help someone to advance in their career.

Let's use both farther and further together in a sentence to note their different usages.

"Tommy and I raced farther than I thought we would, and this furthered my chance of qualifying to run in the NYC marathon."Explanation:The pair raced to a greater distance than planned, and this increased the chance of one runner qualifying for a marathon.

* Hint/Tip: Remember that "farther" refers to distance because it contains the word FAR, which relates to distance-farther.

Fill in the Blanks:

1. Mike ran __________ than Karen.
a) farther   b) further

2. No ___________ discussions are necessary.
a) farther   b) further

3. __________ weather updates were unavailable because we lost power.
a) further   b) farther

Answers: a, b, b

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