Fewer vs. Less

Fewer vs. Less

Fewer and less are synonyms. They are both adjectives that mean a smaller amount of something. But, they are used in different circumstances. Do you know when you have fewer of something as opposed to when you have less? Take a few minutes to read this explanation, and these two words will be less confusing!

Fewer is used with count nouns. A count noun is something that can be separated and counted-pennies, marbles, French fries. If you want to say that someone has a smaller amount of something that can be counted, then you use fewer.

1. At the end of the Monopoly game, Katie owned fewer properties than Tanner.

2. Owen complained when he got fewer Skittles than Jessica.

3. Marco asked if he could have fewer French fries but more salad on his plate.

4. Sarah has read fewer books than Marvin in the reading contest.

Less is used with non-count nouns. A non-count noun is something that cannot be separated and counted-sugar, money, water.

1. At the end of the Monopoly game, Tanner had less money than Katie.

2. Did you use less sugar in the cookies when you made them this time?

3. You need to try to use less water when you shower because that's better for the environment.

4. We will have less mess to clean up if you would only get out one toy at a time.

While fewer and less can be confusing, if you remember that fewer goes with things that can be separated and counted (most of the time plural nouns) and less goes with things that cannot (most of the time singular nouns), you will be in good shape!

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