Hard water vs. Soft water

Hard water vs. Soft water

Hard or soft water refers to the chemical composition of tap water. Many people can detect the difference in hard and soft water because of the effect it has on skin and hair after washing.

Hard water is water that contains a large number of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. In many instances, the dissolved minerals in hard water are not harmful and can even be helpful. In other uses, such as industrial, it is important to remove these minerals.

Soft water is water in which dissolved metals have been exchanged for sodium ions. It can help prevent residue buildup in plumbing. Soft water creates a better lather with soaps and detergents and does not leave a filmy residue.

Residences and hotels can install water softeners, which turn hard tap water into soft water. This distinction can often be detected through changes in hair and skin texture.

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