Hypothesis vs. Theory

Hypothesis vs. Theory

A hypothesis and a theory are similar, but there is a subtle difference between them. Let's take a look:

A hypothesis (noun) is an idea that has not yet been proven but leads to further investigation. 2. It is also an assumption or educated guess.


1. "The scientist had a hypothesis, so he experimented with it in order to prove its validity."

2. "I hypothesized that if he put the sponge in the water, it would float. After trying it, my hypothesis was a good, educated guess."

A theory (noun) is a view of things that have been tested and accepted to be true and accepted. 2. A theory relates to principles of science or other bodies of study, such as mathematics.


1. "Today in class, we learned the theory of relativity."

2. "I'm excited to study music theory this year."

Together in a sentence:

"When you have a hypothesis, an idea about something, you must test if before it can become an accepted theory believed by all."

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