Icing vs. Frosting

Icing vs. Frosting

Icing and frosting are both sweet toppings for baked goods. They are generally comprised of sugar or powdered sugar, milk, and butter.

Icing is a sweet, sugar-based mixture used to coat baked goods. It is usually a whitish-clear glaze used on donuts, pastries, and breads. It may harden as it sets or remain gooey.

Frosting is a sweet, thick, and creamy mixture used to coat baked goods. It often comes in a variety of colors. Frosting is most commonly used on cakes and cupcakes. It maintains its thick, creamy texture unless refrigerated.

While the two are very similar, frosting tends to be thicker and more buttery while icing is clearer, thinner, and more sugary. Both can be spread with a spatula or squeezed through a pastry bag.

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