Into vs. In to

Into vs. In to
Into is a (preposition) that means
1. to the inside of or toward
2. toward or in the direction of
3. to a point of contact with
4. a state or condition brought about
5. to the occupation or action.

Let's look at examples of into in a variety of sentences:

1. Meaning: to the inside of or toward-"I walked into the wall when I wasn't paying attention."
2. Meaning: toward or in the direction of-"The cub scouts are going into the wilderness."
3. Meaning: to a point of contact with-"I rode my bike into the back of a bus while rounding the corner."
4. Meaning: a state or condition brought about-"I went into denial after the home invasion."
5. Meaning: to the occupation or action-"After college, I went into Finance."

In to is used as two separate words. The (adverb) "in" is followed by the (preposition) "to."

Let's look at some examples of in to so that we can see its use in context:

1. "The students were asked to turn their homework in to the substitute while their teacher was away."
2. "My parents wouldn't give in to my demands for a new toy while at the mall."
3. "Please come in to see what I've baked today."

* Hint/Tip: The "in" in "in + to" indicates [position], while "into" indicates [movement or action].

  • Example: "When I saw the lake, I jumped in to cool off." Explanation: "In" in "in to" indicates one's [position] in the lake after jumping in.
  • Example: "I ran into my neighbor while I was shopping at the grocery store." Explanation:"Into" indicates [an action or movement] when the person approached his neighbor in the store unexpectedly.

Let's use both into and in to together in a sentence to observe their differences. "If you jump into my pool to swim with me today, my mom said we could go in to play X box later, down in the basement."

Circle the Correct Answer:

1. Believe it or not, I turn into / in to an alien after it gets dark outside.
2. Laura is not really into / in to sports; she likes acting instead.
3. May I please come into / into use your restroom?
4. On my way to the cafeteria, I stopped at the office and walked in to / into sign up for homework help.
Answers: into, into, in to, in to

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