Jealousy vs. Envy

Jealousy vs. Envy

Jealousy and envy are quite similar, but differences between them exist. Let's take a look:

Jealousy (noun) is an angry or unhappy desire for what another has; it often arises from fear that one will lose what one has to another. 2. (noun) [Jealous] describes the negative and fearful feelings associated with wanting what someone has.

Let's view some examples:

1. "Jealousy often divides friendships due to drama and competition."

2. "I am jealous of Margaret for having more friends."

3. "I am jealous that my co-worker has just been named manager."

Envy(noun) is a desire, longing, or appreciation for what another has. Envy may involve having a grudge towards someone for what they have.

2. (verb) to desire, long, or appreciate what another has.

3. (adj.) [envious] describes one who longs, appreciates, or desires for what another has.

(*Tip/Note: Jealousy includes a fear of replacement, loss, or suspicion, whereas envy does not.)

1. "I don't envy your situation at all; you have to make a tough decision."

2. "I envy my friends beautiful clothes. She wears a brand new outfit every day."

3. "I envy your good attitude about school. It motivates me to do better.

4. "I envy those for whom athleticism comes easily."

Let's use both jealousy and envy in the same sentence:

"Jason envies George for all of his accomplishments, but because Jason was never rewarded for his own, he exacted revenge on George out of jealousy."

Circle the Correct Answer:

1. I am envious / jealous of her lottery win.

2. I do not jealous / envy your tough situation at all.

3. I feel envy / jealousy towards my friends because I was the only one not invited to the party.

Answers: envious, envy, jealousy

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