Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Knowledge (noun) is a set of information and/or understanding gathered by a person over a period of time, through experience or formal learning.


1. "In history class, we learned a lot of new knowledge this year because there are so many facts to memorize."

2. "There is a wide body of knowledge to master in math class."

Wisdom (noun) is

1. a quality of good judgment and ability to make sound decisions, especially learned over time from positive or negative experience,

2. the essential soundness of a decision or course of action,

3. a collective body of knowledge, formed over time especially on a particular subject.


1. "Many believe that with age comes wisdom."

2. "I wish to have the wisdom of a sage so that I may always be helpful to others with my expertise and judgment."

Let's use both knowledge and wisdom together in a sentence:

"Knowledge is often useless unless it is accompanied by wisdom."

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