Marble vs. Granite

Marble vs. Granite

Marble and granite are two types of rock that are frequently used in residential and commercial building. Both materials are considered more "high-end" for flooring and countertops than ceramic, laminate, wood, and other materials.

Marble is crystallized limestone that can take on a high polish and be used in building (countertops, flooring, etc.) or sculpture. It is formed through re-crystallization of certain rocks (limestone or dolomite) under heat and pressure. It is usually grayish-white with dark veins running through it.

Granite is a hard, crystalline igneous rock used in building. It is formed by the cooling of magma, which often traps other rocks within it. It comes in several colors with a variety of different speckled colors throughout.

Granite is more durable (resistant to chipping, scratching, staining) in home use, and is therefore more popular for kitchens, while marble is still popular in lower-traffic areas.

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