Motel vs. Hotel

Motel vs. Hotel

A motel and a hotel serve a similar purpose, but there are differences between them.

A motel (noun) is a structure of small rooms that provide lodging and parking to travelers.


1. "We found a motel to stay in so that we could get some rest while driving to our vacation destination."

A hotel (noun) provides lodging to travelers, but it also offers restaurants, meeting rooms, stores, a gym, a swimming pool, etc. that are also available at times to the general public.


1. " Our hotel was equipped with a beautiful dining room that felt like a ball-room."

*Hint/Tip: A hotel is often larger and more inclusive than a motel.

Together in a sentence:

"While on vacations, I was bored from staying at the usual run-of-the-mill motels that were nothing special, so my husband brought me to a five-star hotel with its own restaurant, pool, and hot tub!"

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