Peach vs. Apricot

Peach vs. Apricot

Peach and apricot are types of stone fruit that belong to the rose family. Peach originates from northwestern parts of China, while apricot originates either from Armenia, China or India (exact origin is unknown). Both types of fruit are cultivated in areas with dry, continental climate with cold winters. They require low temperatures (up to -30 degrees of Celsius) during the winter for the proper development of fruit. Both peach and apricot are very delicious. They are usually consumed raw or used for the preparation of various desserts, juices and marmalades. Despite similar morphology, they differ in many aspects:

Morphology of the Mature Tree

Peach tree can reach 13 to 33 feet in height. It produces broad, lanceolate leaves and single (or paired) pink flowers. Apricot tree can reach 26 to 39 feet in height. It develops ovate leaves with serrated edges and white (or slightly pinkish) flowers.

Size, Shape and color of the Fruit

Apricot is smaller than peach. It is oval-shaped and orange-colored with reddish skin on the side of the fruit that has been exposed to the sun the most. Apricot has yellowish-orange, firm and dry flesh and smooth pit in the middle. Pit can be easily removed from the fruit. Peach is larger, round-shaped and has multicolored, reddish, pink and yellow skin. It has aromatic, yellow or creamy-white flesh that can be delicate, bruised or firm. Peach has large, brown, ova pit with series of deep grooves on the surface. Pit can be easily removed from the fruit (freestone type) or it can be firmly attached to the flesh (clingstone type), depending on the variety.

Texture of the Skin

Both peach and apricot are covered with tiny hairs on the surface, but apricot has shorter hairs and smoother skin compared with velvety skin of peach.


Peach is more juicy compared with an apricot. Apricot can be tart, but it contains more sugar and it is generally sweeter than peach.


Seed of both peach and apricot is high in cyanogenic glycosides, substances that can transform into hydrogen cyanide (toxic compound). Despite that, seed of apricot is used in human diet and it is widely appreciated for its medical properties (it is often used in treatment of cancer).

Nutritional Value

Peach and apricot are good source of vitamins C and E and potassium. Other than that, peach is good source of vitamin B3, while apricot is rich source of vitamins A and B5. 100 g of peaches contain 39 calories, while the same amount of apricots contains 48 calories.


Both types of fruit are available in the fresh and canned form. Other than that, apricots are also frequently consumed in dried form.

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