Sales vs. Marketing

Sales vs. Marketing

Both sales and marketing goal is to reinforce the buying decisions of the existing clients as well as expanding the company's client base. Both require specific skills and knowledge.

The goal of sales is to persuade someone to buy today. Selling requires two-way conversations, often taking place in real time. Salespeople speak to potential customers, answer questions and address concerns in real time. They provide information immediately and adjust messages in the current moment, so customers are persuaded to buy.

Sales has the greatest influence over expansions into new geographic markets, distribution strategy, customer service, and pricing. Sales is driven by short-term revenue.

Among most popular sales tools are brochures, standardised documents such as templates for sales letters, systems for automating as well as customer databases and sales presentations.

In general, sales managers do not set sales objectives nor sales strategy. This is a role of marketing department.

Marketing activities are one-way conversations with prospects and customers. Marketing focuses on crafting standard offers which appeal to profitable segments of the marketplace. It also builds brand which enhances competitive advantage. Marketing support sales by creating printed marketing literature, testimonials, case studies and guarantees which in total present the tangible evidence of the benefits.

Marketing has the greatest influence over advertising messages, customer satisfaction management, strategic direction of the business unit, and new product development. Marketing is driven by long-term profit and margin goals

Marketing set the strategy for the particular product and determines the sales objectives. It is also responsible for information sharing and sales coordination.

So, in summary:

Both sales and marketing are tools to realize the company's sales goals. Marketing is responsible for developing ideas and materials to help the salesperson and/or partners identify, engage and close the sale. Marketing is product focused and long-term focused, whereas sales is customer focused and short-term focused.

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