Sense vs. Cense

Sense vs. Cense

While sense and cense sound the same, they are spelled differently and have different meanings.

Sense (verb) means

1. to perceive by means of one of the body's sensory faculties; touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell,

2. to grasp intuitively, or

3. (noun) an intuitive feeling about something.


1. "I sensed that I left the stove on because there was a burning smell in the air."

2. "She sensed that there was imminent danger."

3. "I have an intuitive sense of what is going to happen in the future."

4. "My friend, Marian, has no common sense."

Cense (verb) means to burn incense, as in a religious ceremony.


1. "The minister censed frankincense and myrrh as he began the holiday vigil."

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