Transcription vs. Translation

Transcription vs. Translation

Transcription and translation are often-confused words. Their meanings differ completely.

A transcription (noun) is a written or exact copy, or it is a recording.

2. (v.) [transcribe]


1. "I wrote a transcription of the doctor's notes for each patient."

2. "A transcription of the video is available on the website."

3. I transcribed the podcast into a report.

A translation (noun) is a new version or description or a transformation.

2. (v.) [translate]


1. "My teacher translated the Latin text into common English."

2. "At our meeting, let's discuss how to translate thought into action from better policy-making."

3. "Hospitals often hire a translator for patients who speak languages that doctors don't know."

Together in a sentence:

"My job was to accurately transcribe the teacher's verbal translation of the French text as he gave it to the class."

Circle the Correct Answer:

1. Please transcribe / translate the German text into English.

2. I think an interesting career would be a medical transcription/ transcribing.

Answers: translate, transcription

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