University vs. College

University vs. College

A university and a college are slightly different in set-up and size.

A university (noun) is an institution of learning that provides both undergraduate and graduate programs. It also provides technical and professional training programs in addition to general liberal arts studies.


1. "I attended a four-year university to study foreign policy."

A college (noun) is an institute of higher learning, smaller than a university, usually providing general liberal arts training vs. technical or professional training.


1. "I attended a local, two-year college to brush up on my liberal art skills."

More Examples of University and College:

1. "I applied to a university because I want to focus my studies primarily on engineering."

2. "I'm beginning my college career at a local college in order to study liberal arts. I hope that this experience lets me learn what my interests are."

*Hint/Tip: A university is often larger and more inclusive of a variety of academic studies than a college.

Together in a sentence:

"I prefer to attend a university because I can move from their undergraduate program into their graduate program, and my local college only offers undergraduate courses.

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