Venom vs. Poison

Venom vs. Poison

Venom (noun) is

1. a poisonous substance produced by some animals to ward off aggressors or capture prey, usually transmitted by biting or stinging,

2. excessive bitterness or malice.


1. "The snake's venom was particularly poisonous."

2. "I was horrified by her venomous attitude towards the situation."

Poison (noun) is

1. a substance that is harmful or fatal to people or animals when exposed to or ingested; also

2. (verb) to administer poison to a person or animal.


1. "Even something harmless like soap can be poisonous if too much is ingested."

2. "The woman was poisoned by her medicine, which had expired."

*Tip/Hint: Venom is poison particular to animals who have it, and poison is any other non-venom substance that would sicken a mammal.

Let's use both venom and poison together in a sentence:

"I would much rather be poisoned with bleach than with venom."

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