Appeal to Belief Examples

Appeal to Belief

A fallacy is an argument based on unsound logic. Appeal to belief is a type of fallacy. Essentially, the argument is that because many people believe something, it must be true. This logic is unsound because it doesn't matter how many people believe a thing, it still might not be the truth.

Examples of Appeal to Belief:

1. At one time, everyone believed that the world was flat, so an argument that the world was round might have been met with an appeal to belief that refuted it.

2. The majority of Americans believe in God, so God must exist.

3. Most people believe that families should take a vacation each summer, so families need to take a vacation each summer.

4. Most of the class believed that Sarah was the one who took the bell from Mrs. Jones' desk, so Mrs. Jones turned Sarah in to the office.

5. The majority of moms believe that children should go to bed early at night, so that must be what is good for them.

6. Most people believe that telling a "little white lie" is okay, so there is nothing wrong with it.

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