Appeal to Common Practice Examples

Appeal to Common Practice

Appeal to common practice is a type of fallacy, or unsound argument. When writers or speakers appeal to common practice, they argue that something must be okay (correct, reasonable) because it is a common behavior or because most people do it.

Examples of Appeal to Common Practice:

1. It's okay to let your children spend the night at the house of someone you don't really know because most other parents would be okay with it.

2. When a teacher gets into trouble for leaving her students unsupervised, she argues that many teachers in the building besides her also leave their students unsupervised from time to time.

3. A student caught cheating on a test claims that students cheat all the time and that he was just the unlucky one who got caught.

4. Most colleges factor race into admissions-giving some additional consideration to minorities-so it is okay.

5. Most people go at least 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, so no one will care if you do that, too.

6. Everyone at this company takes home a few office supplies for themselves, so you do it as well.

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