Appeal to Fear Examples

Appeal to Fear

A fallacy is an illogical reasoning pattern that is used to argue a point. One fallacy is an appeal to fear, which increases fear for an alternate point of view. If someone fears the alternative, then they are more likely to choose your side in an argument. But, this is based on the emotion of fear rather than a logical reason to support your point of view.

Examples of Appeal to Fear:

1. My mom is this school's biggest donor, so you should really reconsider that C you gave me on my latest paper.

2. A commercial for a political candidate that argues that his opponent's support of amnesty for illegal immigrants will open our country to terrorism.

3. A commercial for a security company that shows someone breaking into a home in the middle of the night.

4. Argument by a politician that if we do not raise taxes, the country will default on its debts.

5. A teacher tells the students that if they do not keep the noise down, the principal is bound to hear and come to the classroom.

6. A mother tells her children not to leave the yard because there could be wild animals in the woods.

7. Argument by politician that if we don't switch to alternate forms of energy that we will destroy the Earth.

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