Appeal to Flattery Examples

Appeal to Flattery

Appeal to flattery is a fallacy (illogical reasoning pattern) that uses flattery to the listener so that that listener is more likely to support the argument, or claim.

Examples of Appeal to Flattery:

1. Commercial that praises moms for their hard work and then advertises a specific brand of diaper.

2. Car commercial that says, "You work hard-reward yourself," in an attempt to get you to purchase a car.

3. Flattering your boss just before pitching a new idea.

4. Telling your friend that she is just so great at math before asking her to help you with your homework.

5. Flattering the teacher on her interesting lecture just before asking her if you can have one extra day to finish an assignment.

6. Praising your mom for a wonderful dinner just before asking if you can get out of washing the dishes tonight.

7. Any commercial that argues that you would be "smart" to purchase the product.

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