Appeal to Novelty Examples

Appeal to Novelty

Fallacies are illogical patterns in reasoning that are used to support an argument. An appeal to novelty is a fallacy that relies on the idea that something must be superior because it is new or modern. While something's "novelty" doesn't have anything to do with whether or not it is a superior product or a good idea, we often do think that "newer is better."

Examples of Appeal to Novelty:

1. Every iPhone commercial for a new version of the product argues that it is superior to the previous version.

2. A politician who argues that we are living an age of enlightenment because we are more accepting of alternative lifestyles than those who came before us.

3. The latest advancements in surgery include using robotic arms to perform the surgery instead of a doctor's hands, and this is definitely a superior way to perform surgery.

4. The latest version of a specific running shoe will make you faster.

5. The newest version of this car is quieter and safer because it has a back-up camera.

6. A wife who argues to her husband that her kitchen needs to be upgraded because newer appliances will improve her ability to deliver home-cooked meals in half the time.

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