Appeal to Popularity Examples

Appeal to Popularity

Appeal to Popularity is an example of a logical fallacy. A logical fallacy is using false logic to try to make a claim or argument. Appeal to popularity is making an argument that something is the right or correct thing to do because a lot of people agree with doing it. This type of fallacy is also called bandwagon.

Examples of Appeal to Popularity:

1. Everyone says that it's okay to lie as long as you don't get caught.

2. It might be against the law to drink when you are 18 years old, but everyone does it, so it's okay.

3. 75% of the population believes that Hillary Clinton is corrupt, and I just can't vote for a liar.

4. There must be some truth to the fact that global warming is a hoax because approximately 25% of the population believes that it is a hoax!

5. Everyone already believes that the defendant killed her husband, and that many people can't be wrong.

6. You definitely need to buy those new boots. Everyone is wearing them!

7. Low carb diets must be healthy. All my friends are trying them and losing tons of weight!

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