Appeal to Ridicule Examples

Appeal to Ridicule

Appeal to Ridicule is a type of logical fallacy. Logical fallacy is using false logic to try to make a claim or argument. Appeal to ridicule is a fallacy that attempts to make a claim look ridiculous by mocking it or exaggerating it in a negative way. Appeal to ridicule often uses sarcasm to make an argument look ridiculous.

Examples of Appeal to Ridicule:

1. Of course, we should all wear seatbelts, and we should wear diapers and drink from bottles, too!

2. Evolution? Yes, I believe that my grandparents were monkeys-of course that makes sense.

3. Donald Trump wants to build a wall between here and Mexico. Maybe we should call it the Great Wall of Hatred.

4. Sure, free college tuition for everyone sounds great. I am sure it will work out as well as free K-12 public school has for everyone.

5. So, you think all fourth graders should have cell phones. Most fourth graders can't even remember to brush their teeth!

6. You shouldn't drink Starbucks coffee-it makes you look elitist.

7. Only nerds do their homework before going to the game-don't be a nerd!

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