Biased Sample Examples

Biased Sample

An argument based on mistaken reasoning is called a fallacy. A fallacy can occur when someone uses a biased sample. If we make an argument or claim about an entire population or group of people based on a sample that is somehow not representative of the whole, then we have used a biased sample.

Examples of Biased Sample:

1. Claire was doing a project on whether or not the school lunch program provided enough food for hungry teenagers. She decided to interview the football team.

2. The principal wanted to know if school discipline procedures were fair. He asked only the students in the in-school suspension class.

3. The Democrat party wants to know how American's feel about illegal immigration, so they send a survey out to everyone listed on their party's mailing list.

4. Donald Trump wants to poll citizens on his policies related to corporate taxes. He sends the survey to the chambers of commerce around the country.

5. A university student wants to know whether the campus is providing enough support for freshmen students. She decides to ask her sorority sisters to participate in the study.

6. A teacher would like to know how students feel about the new dress code. She teaches seniors and asks all of her classes only.

7. An Animal Shelter wants to get a sense of how the public feels about adoption fees. They send a survey out to those who have adopted pets in the past.

8. A student is doing a survey to find out what is the favorite food of students at his middle school. He surveys only his classes-he is in the sixth grade.

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