Circumstantial Ad Hominem Examples

Circumstantial Ad Hominem

Fallacy occurs when someone uses unsound reasoning to support a claim or argument. Circumstantial Ad Hominem occurs when someone attacks a claim by saying that the person making the claim is only making it because it's in his/her interest or because of his/her circumstances. This actually has no bearing on whether or not the claim is true or false.

Examples of Circumstantial Ad Hominem:

1. A politician claims that it is in the country's best interest to expand oil production. Her opponent claims that she is only saying that because her state benefits from oil production.

2. Paula argues that more girls should serve on the student council. Nate says that she only believes that because she is a girl.

3. Taylor tells the teacher that the most recent quiz should not be counted in the grade. Heather says that Taylor only feels that way because he didn't do well on the quiz.

4. Mrs. Jones says that she thinks the Teacher of the Year should get a special parking place. Mr. Bullins says that Mrs. Jones thinks that because she is the Teacher of the Year this year.

5. Katie argues that fourth grade is the perfect time for a student to get his or her own tablet. Her mom smiles and says that she only thinks that because she is in the fourth grade.

6. Bill and Kevin are playing a game. Kevin wins the first game. Bill says that it's only fair if they play three games and the person who wins 2 out of 3 is the real winner. Kevin says that Bill only wants to play more games because he lost the first one.

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