Fallacy of Division Examples

Fallacy of Division

A fallacy is when someone uses illogical reasoning to try to argue for or against a claim. Fallacy of division occurs when someone argues that something that is true for the whole is also true for the parts of the whole.

Examples of Fallacy of Division:

1. The 2nd grade at my elementary school buys the most popsicles at lunch. Your brother is in 2nd grade at my school, so he must like to eat a lot of popsicles.

2. Women in the United States are paid less than men. Therefore, my mom must make less money than my dad.

3. Americans, on average, weigh more than Europeans. So, my European cousin who is visiting in a few weeks is going to be thinner than I am.

4. The boys in my neighborhood like to play basketball after school. So my new neighbor, Kevin, will like to play basketball with them.

5. I just read a report about teachers not being happy with how much they are paid. So, my Aunt Sarah who is a teacher must be unhappy with her salary.

6. Overall, the food in our lunchroom is healthy and receives high ratings from the health department. So, the chocolate chip cookies that they are serving must be healthy for me!

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