Gambler's Fallacy Examples

Gambler's Fallacy

A fallacy is a belief or claim based on unsound reasoning. Gambler's fallacy occurs when one believes that random happenings are more or less likely to occur because of the frequency with which they have occurred in the past.

Examples of Gambler's Fallacy:

1. That team has won the coin toss for the last three games. So, they are definitely going to lose the coin toss tonight.

2. That family has had three girl babies in a row. The next one is bound to be a boy.

3. The last time they spun the wheel, it landed on 12. So, it won't land on 12 this time.

4. Kevin has won the last five hands in the poker game. Chad thinks that there is no way that Kevin has another good hand, so he bets everything against Kevin.

5. The sports team has contended for the National Championship every year for the past five years, and they always lose in the final round. This year is going to be their year!

6. Maureen has gone on five job interviews this week and she hasn't had any offers. I think today is the day she will get an offer.

7. The gymnast has not fallen off of the balance beam in the past 10 meets. I wouldn't bet on her today-she is bound to run out of luck sometime.

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