Genetic Fallacy Examples

Genetic Fallacy

A fallacy is an argument that is based on unsound reasoning. A genetic fallacy occurs when a claim is accepted as true or false based on the origin of the claim. So, instead of looking at the actual merits of the claim, it is judged based on its origin.

Examples of Genetic Fallacy:

1. My parents told me that God exists; therefore, God exists.

2. My sixth grade teacher, Mr. Harris, said that all women are bad drivers, so it must be true.

3. I have known the mayor since I was five years old. So, if she says that the commissioners are corrupt, then it must be true.

4. She is a teacher in a public school, so any claims that she makes about the public school system are biased and untrue.

5. The newspaper editor homeschools his children. So, any claims he makes about the public school system are biased and untrue.

6. My big brother told me that boys cannot be trusted, and I believe him.

7. My doctor is overweight, so I don't believe anything he tells me about improving my health.

8. Donald Trump is a millionaire, so anything he says about the economically disadvantaged people in the country is a bunch of lies.

9. The New York Times printed that article, so everything in it must be true.

10. You saw that on the cover of a tabloid, and we all know that everything in tabloid magazines is false.

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