Guilt by Association Examples

Guilt by Association

Guilt by Association is another type of fallacy, which is an unsound argument based on poor reasoning. In guilt by association, someone decides they do not agree with or accept an argument because he/she doesn't like the person or people who have put forth the argument.

Examples of Guilt by Association:

1. Elizabeth believes that immigration laws should be enforced and that everyone should follow a set process to immigrate to the United States. When she hears that Donald Trump advocates enforcing immigration laws, Elizabeth decides that she can't support immigration laws because she doesn't want to be associated with believing the same thing as Donald Trump.

2. Jordan thinks that things would be better in America if wealth were shared. If those who had more than enough were forced to share with those who did not have enough, things would be more fair and equal. Jordan thinks the government should take over businesses and industry to make things more fair. Then he learns that communist leaders, like Stalin and the current regime in China support shared wealth and state-owned industry. Jordan decides he doesn't really believe that anymore.

3. Christa is thinking about becoming a vegetarian. Then she learns that many mass murderers were also vegetarians. So, she keeps eating meat.

4. Paul is a Democrat, and he supports school choice for parents. Paul learns that the Republican party is a champion of school choice. So, he reverses his position.

5. Laura is the class president. She believes that the class should sponsor a dance as a fundraiser. Then she learns that a group of girls that she doesn't like also support the idea of a dance as a fundraiser. So, Laura changes her mind and decides that the class should plan a race instead.

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