Hasty Generalization Examples

Hasty Generalization

Hasty generalization is a type of logical fallacy. A fallacy is an argument that is based on mistaken reasoning. When one makes a hasty generalization, he applies a belief to a larger population than he should based on the information that he has.

For example, if my brother likes to eat a lot of pizza and French fries, and he is healthy, I can say that pizza and French fries are healthy and don't really make a person fat. However, I don't have a large enough sample population to make this claim. I have generalized based on one person.

Examples of Hasty Generalization:

1. Three out of four school teachers prefer Bright Marks Markers, but I only asked four teachers total.
2. You visit a new country and the first person you meet in the airport is rude. You send a message to a friend back home that everyone in this new country is rude.
3. Christine has a terrible experience with a boyfriend. She decides that all boys are mean.
4. Kevin's grandparents do not know how to use a computer. Kevin thinks that all older people must be computer illiterate.
5. My Nana likes to bake and drink hot tea. When I meet your Nana, I am surprised that she doesn't cook at all and drinks sodas.
6. A driver with a New York license plate cuts you off in traffic. You decide that all New York drivers are terrible drivers.
7. Alissa has class with a football player who is a class clown. He disrupts the class and is failing. Alissa decides all football players are not serious students.
8. On the first day of high school, Mark runs into a cheerleader who calls him a name and tells him to move out of her way. Mark decides all cheerleaders are snobs.
9. Mrs. Miller taught your older brother, who was the class clown. She decides to be strict with you from the very first day of class because she thinks you will be a clown, too.
10. Sarah has four male friends who do not like Hillary Clinton. She decides that all men must not like Hillary Clinton.

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