Middle Ground Examples

Middle Ground

A logical fallacy occurs when we use mistaken logic to argue that a position is correct. Middle ground is a fallacy that occurs when someone argues that the "middle ground" between two extremes is correct just because it is the middle ground.

For example, person A takes a position that is the extreme opposite of person B's position. So, person C claims that his position is correct because he takes a position that is a combination of both-or the "middle ground."

Examples of Middle Ground:

1. Donald Trump wants to deport all illegal immigrants. Another politician wants to grant full citizen ship and "amnesty" to all illegal immigrants. Senator Marco Rubio claims that the only right answer is a "path to citizenship," where illegal immigrants are not deported or granted citizenship. Rather, they have to do several things to eventually earn citizenship.

2. Peter and Jenny were playing at Jenny's house when her mother's prize vase was broken. Jenny's mother thinks that Peter's mother should pay her the full cost of the vase. Peter's mother says that it wasn't all Peter's fault, and she's not going to pay anything. The only solution is for Peter's mother to pay for 1/2 of the vase.

3. Mrs. Jones has scheduled a math test for tomorrow, but there is also a pep rally tomorrow. The class says that Mrs. Jones should just cancel the test. The only solution is for Mrs. Jones to move the test to a different day.

4. My friend James says it's never okay to lie. My friend Lisa says it's okay to lie as much as you want. I guess I believe that it's okay to lie sometimes.

5. Sam believes his sister Tina should always wash the dishes and he should always cut the grass. Tina believes that she should always cut the grass and Sam should always wash the dishes. The only solution is for them to alternate the two chores.

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