Personal Attack Examples

Personal Attack

Using faulty logic to make a point is called fallacy. One type of fallacy is personal attack. This fallacy occurs when someone refutes another's ideas by attacking the person rather than the ideas.

Examples of Personal Attack:

1. A senator claims that his new tax plan will help the middle class. His opponent says that the rich senator doesn't care about the middle class.

2. A Supreme Court nominee must be approved by the senate. A female judge has impeccable qualifications, but one senator objects because she is an outspoken lesbian.

3. Mrs. Peters is nominated for teacher of the year, which is voted on by her fellow faculty members. A colleague says that she would never vote for her because she is too young.

4. A candidate for president lays out a plan for a new way to handle illegal drug cases in the justice system. His opponent says that no one can trust a former pot smoker to be tough on drugs.

5. My doctor tells me that I should eat healthy and exercise, but have you seen how overweight he is?

6. He may be a qualified candidate, but he has tattoos, so I won't vote for him.

7. She may be a qualified candidate, but her skirts are too short, so I won't vote for her.

8. While the professor makes some good points in class, he doesn't believe in God, so I don't listen to a thing he has to say.

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