Post Hoc Examples

Post Hoc

Fallacy occurs when an argument is made using illogical reasoning. Post hoc is a fallacy where one reasons that since an event occurred before another, then the first event caused the other. This is not always the case.

Examples of Post Hoc:

1. Our soccer team was losing until I bought new shoes. We have not lost a game since I got my lucky shoes!

2. I sneezed at the same time the power went off. My sneeze did something to make the power go off.

3. The football team lost last week, and now this week's pep rally is cancelled. I can't believe that the principal would do that! (In reality the pep rally was cancelled because of a required standardized test.)

4. Kevin's dog scratched his leg, and that night he had a fever. Kevin concluded that his dog must have infected him with something.

5. Lois and Jan did a "snow dance" one afternoon, and it snowed that night. They claimed to have brought the snow.

6. Willie wore blue socks to football practice, and he did not drop the ball a single time. Willie decides to wear blue socks to every football practice.

7. Katie's little brother laughed at the same time that Katie spilled her juice. She yelled at him for causing her to spill her juice.

8. The temperature has dropped this morning, and I also have a headache. The cold weather must be causing my headache.

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