Questionable Cause Examples

Questionable Cause

Questionable cause is a broad category of logical fallacy. A fallacy is when someone uses false logic to make an argument. Questionable cause is when someone incorrectly says that one thing causes another. There are several subcategories of fallacy that fall under questionable cause (including ignoring a common cause).

Examples of Questionable Cause:

1. When I wake up in the morning, the sun comes up. I must be causing the sun to rise.

2. When flowers bloom in the spring, birds also begin to sing. The flowers must cause the birds to sing.

3. Sarah ignores an email that says she should forward it or she will be unlucky. On the way home that day, she has a flat tire. She wishes she had sent the email.

4. Terry spills coffee on his suit. That same day, his boss fires him. Terry thinks he was fired because of the coffee on his suit.

5. The judge in a case is a woman and a mother. The perpetrator, who is also a young, female mother, gets a light sentence. The prosecutor concludes that it must be because the judge was biased.

6. The grass is dying rapidly in a local park, and the town council insists that it is just because of the hot temperatures of the summer. A scientist, however, finds that there is toxic pollution from a nearby river killing the grass in the park.

7. We never had a problem with our doorbell until after you rang it the other afternoon.

8. I used to enjoy eating at this restaurant, but ever since they hired that new hostess, the food is not nearly so good.

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