Slippery Slope Examples

Slippery Slope

A fallacy is when mistaken logic is used to argue a point. With slippery slope, someone argues that if one event is allowed to happen, that other, negative, consequences will surely follow. There is no logical evidence for the fact that these other events will occur.

Examples of Slippery Slope:

1. If we allow the principal to change the date of the homecoming dance, what's next? He's going to want to cancel the dance altogether!

2. If we vote that it's okay for them to raise the tuition at state universities, then they will raise it by thousands of dollars every single year and professors will double their salaries.

3. We can't let them send illegal immigrants back to their home countries. What's to stop them from deporting everyone whom they don't like?

4. No! Don't eat that piece of chocolate. Today, it's one piece of chocolate, but tomorrow, you've gained 20 lbs!

5. If you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

6. Don't let your cousin borrow $10.00. Next, he's going to be borrowing money from you every day.

7. The parents want to ban Harry Potter from the school library. But, that's a slippery slope. Next, they are going to want to ban hundreds of classics, starting with things like Charlotte's Web because it's violent!

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