Spotlight Examples


A fallacy is an illogical reasoning pattern. We commit fallacy when we make an argument or claim that is not based on logic. One type of fallacy is spotlight. This is somewhat like stereotyping. Spotlight is when we assume that all members of a particular group are like the ones who receive the most attention (i.e. in the media or through the entertainment industry).

Examples of Spotlight:

1. All police officers are racist and are willing to profile and target young black males who might not even be breaking the law. Haven't you seen all of the stories on the news recently?

2. Young black males are dangerous because they belong to gangs, carry guns, do drugs, and break the law. Haven't you seen all of the stories on the news recently?

3. Muslims are terrorists who only want to destroy America. The news coverage of terrorist activities should convince us all that no Muslims should be allowed to enter this country.

4. Illegal immigrants are criminals who commit murder and who bring drugs into this country across the border with Mexico. There are so many news stories about the terrible things that illegal immigrants do.

5. All women support Hillary Clinton and hate Donald Trump. I have been watching the news, and there is not a single woman who will vote for Donald Trump.

6. Everyone who lives in that neighborhood is a criminal. The only time you hear the name of that place mentioned on the news, it is because someone has been murdered or robbed.

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