Two Wrongs Make a Right Examples

Two Wrongs Make a Right

A logical fallacy occurs when someone uses an illogical reasoning pattern to make an argument or claim. Two wrongs make a right occurs when someone argues that a course of action is justified because the other person has done the same or would do the same if given a chance.

Examples of Two Wrongs Make a Right:

1. Donald Trump defends his comments about women by pointing at the behavior of Bill Clinton toward women.

2. Donald Trump defends his tax record and the fact that he didn't pay very much in taxes by pointing out that other wealthy Americans took advantage of the same tax laws that allowed him to pay less.

3. Marie made fun of Sarah's shoes yesterday. Today, Sarah makes fun of Marie's haircut and tells her teacher that it should be okay because of what Marie did yesterday.

4. A father tells his son not to hit others, but that if they hit him first, it's okay.

5. A clerk who steals money from her company justifies her actions by saying that the company has been overcharging customers for years.

6. When Cory gets caught for speeding, he tells the police officer that three people just passed him traveling faster than he was.

7. When Mr. Harris catches Eliza cheating on the test, she says that she shouldn't be in trouble because she also saw Peter cheating.

8. Leslie yells at her husband Tom, and tells him that if he can talk to her that way, she is going to start talking to him the same.

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