Anti-Hero Examples


An anti-hero is a protagonist in a story who turns out to be a hero, but who lacks the typical characteristics of a hero. This person may shy away from fame, but he or she might also just lack the stereotypical characteristics (strength, bravery, etc.) of a hero.

Examples of Anti-Hero:

Examples of Anti-Heroes in Literature and Film

1. Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit

2. Frodo Baggins (and his sidekick Sam) in The Lord of the Rings

3. Scarlett in Gone with the Wind

4. Harry Potter in The Harry Potter Series

5. Holden Caufield The Catcher in the Rye

6. Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird

7. Mulan in the Disney film Mulan

8. Don Quixote in Don Quixote

9. In some ways Han Solo in Star Wars-resists being a hero.

10. Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby

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